I am Susan the founder and creator of Eva Skin Care. Eva Skin Care is based in the small village of Hambleton, Lancashire, UK. I personally hand make all Eva Skin Care products using only natural ingredients.


You may be wondering why I have called my company Eva when my name is Susan. Eva is a combination of my two granddaughter’s names Evie and Isla.


I have always found that to keep your body healthy, you have to exercise and eat healthily, the same goes for your skin. Using a naturally produced skin care product, eating a healthy diet and drinking plenty of water your skin will look and feel hydrated, toned and supple.


How it all started


After an accident damaged my back, I was unable to carry on with my desk job. Concerned about some of the ingredients in the creams and lotions I was putting on my skin I decided to make my own using only natural ingredients. My family suggested that I turned my hobby of making natural skincare products for friends and family into a fulltime business.


Eva Skin Care products


All Eva products are handmade by me in small batches. All of the ingredients in my products have been sourced to ensure they are ethical, natural, palm oil-free and cruelty-free.


Eva Skin Care soaps are made using the cold process method and are pure and natural with no added colouring or fragrance oils. The fragrance comes from essential oils which are pure plant extract.


All Eva cosmetic products are laboratory tested by a certified chemist; comply to legislation requirements for cosmetics and are registered on CPNP.

All aspects of the production and packaging of Eva Skin Care products are as eco-friendly as possible and great care is taken to source sustainable packaging.

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