You may have noticed that we have stopped producing our fragrant candles. Although they smelt great I realised that there are more benefits to gain from burning candles than just as an air freshener.

I strongly believe that essential oils can add to our wellbeing and so I have decided to develop a small range of candles made from pure essential oils and not artificial fragrances. For many months we have been researching which essential oils would work well in a candle that would also smell nice in the home. As well as researching the benefits of the essential oils we have also been testing wicks and waxes to obtain the perfect candle. Nobody like a candle that only burns in the middle and leaves half of the wax left in the jar. This takes a lot of trial and error but I think we are nearly there.

One of these new releases is the 'relaxing' aromatherapy candle which would be great for your bedroom or to burn whilst you have a soothing soak in the bath. The essential oils used will help you wind down and relax after a tough day.

The other, our 'energising' aromatherapy candle which contains essential oils that will naturally uplift and revive you and would be ideal for your lounge or kitchen.

Either candle will be the perfect accessory for your home as we have chosen a stylish jar and they both come presented in a beautiful white box which also makes it the perfect gift.

We will let you know shortly when they are available to purchase.

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