Happy New Year

I wanted to take this opportunity to wish you all a Happy New Year and to thank you for all your support during 2019.

A new year is a time for change and rejuvenation and that’s no exception at Eva Skin Care as we introduce some exciting new plans and products for 2020.

The first will be for an updated Eva Skin Care website giving us a fresh new look for the new year. I am just finalising the last few photos before they are uploaded and am hoping for a go live date by February.

I have also had a rethink about the bar soaps. Although our soaps are very popular I was concerned that they contained Palm Oil. The Palm Oil I used was from a sustainable source but this still bothered me and is why I decided to reformulate the recipe to remove Palm Oil altogether and I have to say I am really pleased with how they have turned out. I will soon be able to share with you 8 fresh new soaps to try, including a Goats Milk version. Not only will these soaps now contain ‘environmentally friendly’ ingredients but they will also come beautifully wrapped in floral paper, making them an ideal gift for someone special.

We had a great year at the Grassington monthly markets and can’t wait to start them again in March. I will also be looking forward to the Holker Hall Spring and Winter Fairs as they are always a fun day out. I will keep you updated with any additional fairs and markets we will be taking part in as it is always nice to see our customers face to face and receive your feedback and ideas for new products.

Once again thanks you for all your support and feedback it is gratefully appreciated and hope to hear from you during 2020.

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